Is It Possible To Tax A Car Without Insurance?

All vehicle owners in the United Kingdom are required to display a valid tax disc or vehicle license on their vehicles used on public roads. Periodic renewal of these tax discs is mandatory for the vehicle to stay on the road. Having said that, it is not possible to tax a car without insurance. Short-term car insurances allow vehicle owners to obtain the much needed tax-disc without shouldering the burden of an annual insurance quote.

Taxing a Car

Opting for the right insurance cover for a new acquired vehicle is usually time-consuming and often requires some effort in shortlisting the right scheme and the insurance provider, as this is intended to be a deal for the long term. It is, however, mandatory to tax the car in the meanwhile to get it on the road. Vehicles that are off the roads - under repair, waiting for a license, etc., however, require sufficient documentation to qualify for certain tax exemptions.

Irrespective of whether the vehicle is purchased from an authorised showroom or from a private seller or dealer, or whether the vehicle is in brand new condition or is just a second hand piece, it is important to drive the vehicle home in perfect shape. In fact, owners are advised to transport their vehicles home rather than drive them without a valid license. However, brand new vehicles can in fact be driven home on a direct route from the showroom, without a license, but it is best to opt for a short-term car insurance so that the first trip on the car is safe and devoid of any mishaps.

A short-term car insurance policy (you can buy one from with a validity period of 1-28 days is an ideal alternative to get the vehicle home and also tax the car for daily use, provided the license is accepted by the local post office or the DVLA.

Short-term Car Insurance Advantages

In addition to allowing time to decide on the regular vehicle insurance, short-term car insurances also enable the entire family to make use of the new vehicle. Insurances are usually available for drivers in the age group of 17-75; age limits, however, do vary from one insurance provider to another.

Short-term car insurance also comes to the aid of vehicle owners who may have offered their vehicle for sale, but would like to use the vehicle till a deal is finalised. Often, owners choose not to renew their annual vehicle insurances, while they may still require the vehicles for their personal use until alternate transport arrangements are made.

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